Logitech K810 Keyboard Configurator 2012/12/31

Recently I bought a Logitech K810 Keyboard. The small bluetooth keyboard can connect wireless to PCs or other devices e.g. phones. It is equipped with backlight and supports 3 paired connections to devices.

To use these extended functions and switch between profiles the function keys (F-keys) have a double meaning.

After my purchase I found out that the default configuration uses the F-keys for the extended functionality on a direct key press. In order to use the regular F-keys the user has to hold down the FN-key in addition. As I want to use the keyboard mainly on a regular PC I could not live with it. Luckily Logitech offers a configuration tool for there range of mouses and keyboards under the name "SetPoint" for Microsoft Windows.

However I was disappointed when I figured out that the configuration is not permanently stored in the keyboard and has to be sent everytime the keyboard is turned on. As I prefer Linux as operating system and do not use Microsoft Windows I could not use Logitech's software.

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